Sunday, 29 January 2012

Bands still not embracing new business models like Spotify

Set the fee moar like - amirite?
Black Keys frontman Dan Auerbach told Billboard magazine that the royalties from streaming services were "so minuscule it's laughable".
"It's a cool thing to have if you're in a new band and you want to be heard," he said. "But if you are a bigger band that's already known and you rely on record sales for a living, then it's really no place to be."

They're to busy selling their music to numerous films and adverts for more cash and making their music and unique style become a drowned out sound in the white noise of commercial media.

  • “When the Lights Go Out” -- In film Black Snake Moan, and also on the soundtrack for that movie.
  • “Set You Free” -- In film School of Rock, and also on the soundtrack for that movie.
  • “Lies” -- Featured in the conclusion of the February 4, 2009 episode of Lie to Me.
  • “Girl Is on My Mind” -- Was used in a 2006 Sony Ericsson advertisement, starring the tennis players Ana Ivanovińá and Daniela Hantuchov√°.
  • “Girl Is on My Mind” -- Used in a 2006 Victoria’s Secret commercial featuring Heidi Klum.
  • “Girl Is on My Mind” -- film Rest Stop and Cashback.
  • “10 am Automatic” -- Used in the video game MLB ’06: The Show, The O.C., The Go-Getter, and was also used in a 2007 American Express commercial starring Shaun White.
  • “Your Touch” -- Featured in a 2007 Lee’s jeans commercial, and can be heard both in an episode of NBC’s Friday Night Lights and in an episode of “Eastbound and Down”.
  • “Your Touch” can also be heard in the HBO series “Entourage” in the episode ‘Manic Monday’, during the opening scenes.
  • “Your Touch” -- In film Zombieland.
  • “Your Touch” -- In an episode of “Eastbound and Down” on HBO.
  • “Grown So Ugly” -- Heard in the background of the going away party in the 2007 film Cloverfield.
  • “Strange Times” -- Used in Grand Theft Auto IV on the in-game radio station Radio Broker.
  • “Strange Times” -- Heard during a preview for ABC’s The Mole, and the trailer for season three of the Showtime  series Dexter, as well as a promo for Gossip Girl.
  • “Just Got To Be” -- Used on the soundtrack for the video game NHL 08.
  • “Hard Row” -- Featured in the premiere episode of the FoX show Sons of Anarchy.
  • “Keep Me” -- In both Episodes 6 and 7 of the Fox show Sons of Anarchy.
  • “Busted” _ In episode 7 of the first season.
  • “Lies” -- Featured in the advertising campaign for the third season of HBO’s Big Love.
  • “The Breaks” -- In film RocknRolla.
  • “Psychotic Girl” -- Featured the episode “Messin’ with the Kid” in season 6 of One Tree Hill.
  • “I’ll Be Your Man” -- Theme song for the HBO show Hungand was also featured in an episode of the Fox Network show Rescue Me.
  • “The Wicked Messenger” -- In film “I’m Not Here”, a Bob Dylan bio-pic
Depriving your fan base on heavily used online stores like Spotify because you're "bigger band" smacks of unwarranted self importance in my eyes. You're no Jonas Brothers after all are you??


  1. All about the money, they don't care about fans, the only time they do is when they are going to get a big payday.

  2. That's a ridiculous reason, if people think you're good you'll make money. Gaga makes $70 million a year and you'll definitely see her on those services.

  3. Record companies make all the money off CDs anyway. Artists make money off gigs.

    1. agreed...Dan Auerbach is obviously a total douche

  4. eh, i like them enough that i just went and bought the cd

  5. The Black Keys are awesome, they make tens of thousands of dollars on each tour. Not too sure why Auerbach is stressing out over streaming services.

    Good to know how those companies operate, though.

  6. I didn't know any of those songs except for the first one. LOL! Actually, I've only seen 2 of the above movies. Maybe I need to get out more.... and, yes, everyone's a sell out. You just have to find the right price. :)

  7. Ehh, this is how stuff runs these days

  8. Money makes the world go round!!! Gotta say I do love 'Your Touch' . . . Zombieland rocks hehe

  9. Money makes people stupid.

  10. It's a business, let them run it how they want.

  11. it's all about the green

  12. Great list of all their corporate tie-ins!

  13. Well, most bands make the most money from merchandise and concerts. Placing the music in movies seems like another good move.

  14. Money always slows down progression in new tech / ways of commerce.

  15. My girlfriend would love this

  16. This pisses me off. The primary goal of a musical act should be to be heard and do something important, not to make money.

  17. just a symptom of the disease raging throughout music these days

  18. He may regret that in a few years

  19. If they buy it - it works. If it works - why fix what works? It's their stuff, their decision, we really can't change anything, as sad as it's becoming.

  20. Will the music industry ever catch up to online mediums?

  21. It's a shame really, people who don't want to change try to enact heavy restrictions to truly restrict freedom for future generations.