Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Gun Vs Sword: a debate

Guns have replaced the archaic simpleton sword as the killing device of choice for a good many reasons, not least of which is the gun's superiority over hand-to-hand weapons. Some fanboys are in a state of denial about this.
  • Myth: You can block bullets with a sword if you are skilled enough.
    • FACT: You can possibly (unlikely) block bullets with your sword but the bullet will shatter and then spread out into little pieces hitting eveything behind the sword, like say, the person using the sword. Or, if the gun is a shotgun, break the sword in half an send the large sharp upper half into the user's body. Plus, the pellets will probably spread around the sword. That's assuming you CAN react to a 700-800 m/s fast bullet fired from a rifle, and also that your hand is fast enough to block 4-8 bullets coming from an automatic rifle at you every second... 
  • Myth: You don't have to reload a sword, therefore you can use it forever.
    • FACT: You must constantly wipe your sword clean of blood and sharpen it, otherwise it will chip and rust away, and then you will have to beg your mom for money so you can buy another shitty weaboo sword off of the internet. 
  • Myth: Guns are cowardly because you can kill people from a distance; swords take real skill to use.
    • FACT: You will not be complaining about a gun's skill level when you have a bullet in your chest or head. Guns can kill at long range, but hitting the thing takes skill. 
  • Myth: You can run up to a guy with a gun real fast and slice him with your sword before he even gets his gun out.
    • FACT: An attempt to do this will result in death on your part, unless you are invisible.
As you can see Gun  > Sword


oh and props to ED

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  1. I would complain about the pussy with no skill who pulled out a gun and killed someone who.had no chance. Cowardice. It takes no skill to point and click, sure you might have to squeeze a second shot if you miss. Obviously a gun beats a sword in a fight. Swords are still better, idiot. Less risk to those in the surrounding area. A bullet can stray an hit someone a block away in their house. A sword cannot. A sword takes true skill and bravery to weild. If you are in a sword fight, you are as likely to die as the other guy, if you are in a gunfight, everyone else becomes ummediately endangered. Guns represent power that one has not earned nor doea he deserve. A person with a gun gets no respect, the guns gets the respect, out of fear. a swordsman is honorable, ready to die in battle, a swordsmans skill with his weapon is earned and.deserved, and.earns the.swordaman.respect.